I made Everybody take a Poll Which is the 3 Most  Hardest Island

1. Astro Knight Island

2. Mythology Island

3. Counterfeit  Island

Here are some

Walk through

(Part one)

 (Part two)

  (part Three)

(Part Four)

Now Mythology Island

(part one)

(part Two)

Now Counterfeit  Island

(part one)

(part Two)

(part Three)

(part four)


11 thoughts on “Cheats


  2. how do ya beat Astro-Knights? if u can beat it go on and type in GabrielleCute67 and my password is Curly8 theres no spaces and you can change my outfit

    1. sorry I quit Poptropica a quite
      while ago but my goodness I was a huge nerd… Not that it’s a bad thing ;p

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